A- Z of names

Click on a letter to find all names recorded (so far) with the book or series that they are in and the author (I haven’t included illustrators for reasons of space). See the key below for extra information.

A – from Abby all the way to Ava

B – Ben, Bella and Bruce

C – from Caitlin to Cymbeline including Charlie

D – from Daisy to Dylan

E – including Emily, Elizabeth and various Edwards

F – Freddy, Frankie and Felix

G – from Gabby to Gwendolen by way of George

H – Harry, Hannah and a surprising number of Harolds

I – from Ida to Ivor

J – Jamie, James, Jack and Jake

K – Katy, Kitty and Kevin

L – from Lana to Lyra with a couple of Lesters

M – Mia, Maia, Miranda and Max

N – Nicky, Nancy and Neville

O – from Olive and Oliver to Owen

P – Peter, Poppy and Percy

Q and R – Rosie, Ruby and Robin

S – from Sabira to Sylvia, including many Sams

T – Tom, Toby and Tess

U and V – alas no Ursulas, but Violet and Victoria

W – William, Winnie and Winston

X, Y and Z – from Zacharias to Zoe

Key to the additional information

S = this book is one in a series.

! = this book may contain themes which are distressing for young readers, especially for the character whose name it appears beside. This does not mean you should avoid it necessarily, but you should probably check it out further before buying it. For example, Quentin Blake’s ‘The Story of the Dancing Frog’ is a beautiful and sensitive book but it unavoidably covers the untimely death of a loved one, so it may not be suitable for all children at all times.

N = non-fiction

H = Heritage – a much-loved classic, may be particularly suitable as a birth or Christening gift (equally, it is very well-known, so they might already have it!)

V = the character is a villain (I haven’t used it in all cases – villainy is complex!)

= a minor character in this book or series

oop = out of print (still worth including as you may be able to get second-hand copies cheaply and efficiently from internet sites).

BP = blog post – this book is mentioned in a post, click on BP to take you there.

4 thoughts on “A- Z of names

  1. Have checked it out Barbara and passed details on to our children. Thanks for letting us know about it. Sure it will be interesting and helpful. Pete and Anna


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