Where did the idea for Storybook Names come from?

"Oh for Heaven's sake, there must be a site somewhere that does this!" I exclaimed in frustration as I searched in vain. I was looking for a book. A friend of mine had just had a baby and I wanted to buy a book each for a new baby and his older brother as a … Continue reading Where did the idea for Storybook Names come from?

Recommended reading from November

The One-Stop Story shop by Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Tony Neal A lovely story about knights, friendship, stories and ferrets. It would be great way of introducing Early Years/ Key Stage 1 to the concept of genres within stories. The peril is mild and and all ends happily. As is also the case with... Supertato: … Continue reading Recommended reading from November

Recommended reading for October

Rabbit and Bear: A Bite in the Night by Julian Gough and Jim Field A charming story with plenty of illustrations to help the less-fluent readers. The story is a bit less predictable than you might expect, but all ends happily. This is the fourth in a series of 4 (so far). It would be … Continue reading Recommended reading for October

Celebrity sports authors – the best and worst

Having waded through many celebrity author books (although thankfully before either Marie Kondo or George Galloway have published theirs - I'm not kidding, although if I were, I'm not sure I could improve on that combination), I have sub-divided them according to their day jobs. Here are my thoughts on all of them, whether of … Continue reading Celebrity sports authors – the best and worst

Recommended reading from early Autumn

I managed to read a few more long ones more recently - and at least I had a bit more choice having finally posted the celebrity authors article I had been working on for ages! (find it here at: https://storybooknames.co.uk/2019/07/30/celebrity-authors-my-top-ten/ ). But on to new stuff.... Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery ...well, new … Continue reading Recommended reading from early Autumn

Recommended reading from July

Another cracking month with the odd tear-jerker in amongst the general silliness. My Worst Book Ever by Allan Ahlberg, illustrated by Bruce Ingham An entertaining book about the process of writing, illustrating and publishing itself. This would be a great book to introduce children what goes into producing a book, but is equally enjoyable in … Continue reading Recommended reading from July

Celebrity authors – my top ten

I have been intrigued by the (relatively) recent phenomenon or authors-who-aren't-actually-authors. Are they any good? Can any patterns be observed with them? And so my quest began - to find the celebrity authors whose books are actually worth reading. Here is the run-down of my personal top ten: Number 10 - Matt Millz by Harry … Continue reading Celebrity authors – my top ten

Recommended reading from June

Read the Book, Lemmings! by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Zachariah OHora A very entertaining picture book with adorable illustrations, based on the premise that lemmings don't hurl themselves off cliffs...but has anyone let the lemmings know that? There are positive messages about the power of teamwork and the importance of literacy, but they underpin the … Continue reading Recommended reading from June

11 reasons to love Where the Wild Things Are

1 It is timeless Where the Wild Things Are was written in 1963 but barely seems to have dated. Wolf outfits will always be in demand. Parents will always have moments where they are at the end of their tether. And some children will always behave appallingly, even to cute little dogs. 2 The text … Continue reading 11 reasons to love Where the Wild Things Are

Recommended reading from May

What Ever After: Sink or Swim by Sarah Mlynowski An entertaining read, this would be a good addition to the 'Fractured Fairy Tales' genre for those who have grown out of Laurence Anholt's Seriously Silly Stories series. This one is based on The Little Mermaid, whilst others re-tell Snow White, Cinderella and others. Through The … Continue reading Recommended reading from May