Recommended reading for October

Rabbit and Bear: A Bite in the Night by Julian Gough and Jim Field A charming story with plenty of illustrations to help the less-fluent readers. The story is a bit less predictable than you might expect, but all ends happily. This is the fourth in a series of 4 (so far). It would be … Continue reading Recommended reading for October

11 reasons to love Where the Wild Things Are

1 It is timeless Where the Wild Things Are was written in 1963 but barely seems to have dated. Wolf outfits will always be in demand. Parents will always have moments where they are at the end of their tether. And some children will always behave appallingly, even to cute little dogs. 2 The text … Continue reading 11 reasons to love Where the Wild Things Are

Foxes – friend or foe?

Foxes are often chosen as an animal protagonist in a children's book. Cunning, quiet and carnivorous*, they are often viewed as the enemy. But is this always the case? Let's examine a few and discover whether foxes are friends...or foes. *Actually, foxes are omnivorous rather than carnivorous, as they eat fruit and vegetables as well … Continue reading Foxes – friend or foe?

Stories to make you feel clever

Of the many delights when sharing a book with a child, one of the greatest is experiencing that moment when they realize that they have got one up on the protagonist/ villain in the story. Often, this is provided in a picture book by the words telling one story and the pictures telling another. As … Continue reading Stories to make you feel clever

Stories for reluctant sleepers

If you wish to persuade a junior in your life that they really should be going to bed instead of continuing to play/ searching for snacks/ asking why the sky is blue, children’s books give you two main options. Some are cuddly-cosy and make the idea of snuggling up and settling down seem eminently desirable. … Continue reading Stories for reluctant sleepers


Where did the idea for Storybook Names come from?

"Oh for Heaven's sake, there must be a site somewhere that does this!" I exclaimed in frustration as I searched in vain. I was looking for a book. A friend of mine had just had a baby and I wanted to buy a book each for a new baby and his older brother as a … Continue reading Where did the idea for Storybook Names come from?