Foxes – friend or foe?

Foxes are often chosen as an animal protagonist in a children's book. Cunning, quiet and carnivorous*, they are often viewed as the enemy. But is this always the case? Let's examine a few and discover whether foxes are friends...or foes. *Actually, foxes are omnivorous rather than carnivorous, as they eat fruit and vegetables as well … Continue reading Foxes – friend or foe?

Stories to make you feel clever

Of the many delights when sharing a book with a child, one of the greatest is experiencing that moment when they realize that they have got one up on the protagonist/ villain in the story. Often, this is provided in a picture book by the words telling one story and the pictures telling another. As … Continue reading Stories to make you feel clever

Stories for reluctant sleepers

If you wish to persuade a junior in your life that they really should be going to bed instead of continuing to play/ searching for snacks/ asking why the sky is blue, children’s books give you two main options. Some are cuddly-cosy and make the idea of snuggling up and settling down seem eminently desirable. … Continue reading Stories for reluctant sleepers

Where did the idea for Storybook Names come from?

"Oh for Heaven's sake, there must be a site somewhere that does this!" I exclaimed in frustration as I searched in vain. I was looking for a book. A friend of mine had just had a baby and I wanted to buy a book each for a new baby and his older brother as a … Continue reading Where did the idea for Storybook Names come from?